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9 Most Discussed Posts of 2008 at Red, Green, and Blue

There was no shortage of fodder for thoughtful political discussion in 2008. Not surprisingly, the majority of the posts receiving the most comments were directly related to the presidential election. We’ve compiled the nine most-discussed posts of 2008 so you can take a little walk down memory lane at Red, Green, and Blue.

December 26th

ExxonMobil Hit With Pollution Fine

ExxonMobil, which has been hit before with environmental charges, will pay a $6.1 million penalty for failing to comply with pollution regulations in refineries in California, Louisiana and Texas. The company had agreed to reduce pollution in four refineries in those states, but came up short.

December 18th

Obama Introduces Salazar and Vilsack [transcript]

Transcript of Barack Obama’s introduction of Ken Salazar as Interior Secretary and Tom Vilsack as Agriculture Secretary, followed by Q&A. OBAMA: Earlier this week I announced key members of the team that will help us seek new forms of energy, to build a new economy, to enhance our security and to leave our children a […]

December 18th

The 2008 Presidential Election in Six Minutes [video]

Haven’t had enough of the 2008 presidential election? Well, you’re in luck. The folks over at Talking Points Memo have compiled the highs and the lows, the soundbites, and, of course, the Joe the Plumber references and condensed them into one six-minute video. [youtube=]

December 17th

Obama to Discuss Energy, Climate with Al Gore

To perhaps avoid the truth that was so inconvenient to President Bush, on Tuesday Barack Obama will meet with Al Gore to discuss energy policy and climate change. The talk, which will take place in Chicago, will also cover how energy and climate can fit into job creation and the economy.

December 8th