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Palin’s Appearance on SNL – Did It Help Or Hurt?

Palin’s appearance on the popular sketch comedy show brought it to its highest rating in fourteen years, Reuters. The figures make it the highest-rated SNL since March 12, 1994. Although Nielsen Media Research won’t have a complete count of the show’s audience until later in the week, it will likely be around 14 million people — and 17 million for the first half hour, with the opening skit featuring Palin’s cameo.

October 19th

Obama Vs. McCain: Who Will Better Serve the U.S. Economy?

After another tumultuous day in the market with the worst one-day percentage declines since the crash of 1987, addressing the state of the U.S. Economy was supposed to be foremost for both candidates in an effort to win the votes of undecided and independent voters. Advisers for each candidate said that he would use the final debate to lay out his vision for the country and promote his economic policies while drawing differences with his opponent.

October 15th