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Live Blogging Al Gore’s Webcast On Clean Energy

Nobel Laureate And Former Vice President Al Gore Calls On Youth To Vote, And Hold Leaders Accountable For Campaign Promises On Clean Energy [youtube=] The webcast which was organized by Power Vote — spear headers of the Energy Action Coalition —  and seeks to emphasize the issue of climate change in the current election. The […]

October 29th

Palin’s Big Energy Policy Speech More of the Same

Speaking at Xunlight Corporation, a thin-film solar PV manufacturing company in Toledo, Ohio, Palin will most likely not unveil any new policy proposals on energy. Rather, Palin will talk about her qualifications to lead on the energy issue, citing her time as governor and when she served on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

October 29th

After the Election – Can the Republicans Learn from Labour?

At a moment when America is accelerating away from causes that conservative Christian groups get hot under the collar about, like gay rights and creationism, to issues that concern the wider polity, such as economic equity and energy poverty turning up on our own doorsteps, the Republicans seem likely to find themselves speaking ever more stridently to an ever shrinking pool of concerned opinion.

October 28th

The Sarah Palin Chronicles: From A to Z

Sarah Palin quotes from across the spectrum: from man not causing global warming, to the war in Iraq being a task from God, and how offshore drilling will save us – she says it all. 1. Introduction It’s obvious why Sarah Palin got the VP nod. And Saturday Night Live makes this point most brilliantly: […]

October 27th

Watch This Video: Which President Will Plant a Food Garden in the White House?

This video calls for the President to lead by example on climate change by planting a food garden in the White House. Says Roger Doiron, the creator,

“This video was made to support the “Eat the View” campaign, a citizen-powered effort to petition the next President to show leadership on global issues such as climate change and food security by converting part of the White House’s 18 acre grounds back into an edible landscape. It made sense in the past for the “First Family” to eat foods grown close to home and – given the climate challenge – it makes sense again. It features me, Roger Doiron, digging a new organic garden on my white house lawn with an invitation to the next President to do the same.

October 23rd