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McCain vs. Obama: How Do The Candidates Stack Up On Energy?

Obama and McCain agree on the goals of energy and climate policy. Both candidates acknowledge global warming is man-made and advocate a mandatory cap-and-trade policy in the United States for dealing with carbon emissions — something the Bush administration opposes. They’re also largely in agreement over reducing oil consumption and investing in new energy technologies.

October 14th

Is Sarah Palin Really “…one of the foremost experts in this nation on energy issues?” [w/video]

A day after the second presidential debate, John McCain and Sarah Palin sat down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity to discuss, among other things, energy policy. In the interview, Mccain said Gov. Palin was “…probably one of the most foremost experts in this nation on energy issues.” While Palin may have some exposure to the politics and business of oil and gas in her home state of Alaska, I struggle with the idea that she should be considered a foremost expert on energy.

October 10th

Obama Must Be Listening To Van Jones, McCain Not So Much

In Tuesday night’s debate, not only did McCain ignore the potential solutions presented by truly clean and renewable sources of energy, but he even went so far as to discount Senator Obama’s concern about the disposal and storage of nuclear waste, describing Obama’s position as “something like that”.

October 8th