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Natural gas has dominated for 10 years, but wind and solar will dominate the next 10

The Business Council For Sustainable Energy has just issued the 2020 edition of its annual Sustainable Energy In America Factbook series, and the first thing to jump out is the inclusion of natural gas under the category of “sustainable.” That’s quite a stretch, to say the least. Nevertheless, the report provides ample room for natural gas in […]

February 18th

James Hanson: Climate Models vs. Real World

Climate models are most useful when used so as to help us understand climate mechanisms in the real world, and thus improve our ability to understand ongoing and future climate change. Comparison of climate model predictions against real world outcome provides one way to gain improved understanding. By Dr. James Hansen There is recent discussion […]

February 14th

RCP 8.5: Business-as-usual or a worst-case scenario?

In the characterization of climate change projections, there is debate over whether the climate change scenario RCP 8.5 represents a “business as usual” scenario, a “high emissions” scenario, or a “worst-case” scenario. Further, there are questions about whether RCP 8.5 is consistent with the current trajectory of emissions and whether RCP 8.5 represents the alternate […]

February 5th

State of the climate: How the world warmed in 2019

All of the official climate data for 2019 is now in. In this article, Carbon Brief explains why last year proved to be so remarkable across the planet’s oceans, atmosphere, cryosphere and surface temperature. By Zeke Hausfather CarbonBrief A number of records for the Earth’s climate were set in 2019: It was the second or […]

January 21st

Good news: US cancer deaths dropped for 26th year in a row

A report from the American Cancer Society, shows the rate of people dying from cancer in the United States has declined, and that’s for the 26th consecutive year. Rebecca Siegel is the first author of the report and the scientific director of surveillance research at the ACS. She says, “What is really driving that is […]

January 11th

War on Science: Despite denier talking points, solar and wind are MUCH cheap than oil, coal and gas

A new report published this week by the International Renewable Energy Agency has found that 77% of onshore wind projects and 83% of utility-scale solar PV projects set to be commissioned in 2020 will be cheaper than the lowest fossil fuel-fired generation prices. The news has been heralded across the internet as a death-blow for […]

June 3rd

We shattered a CO2 record last month. Here’s how we can build a Green New Deal.

It’s impossible to talk about infrastructure without talking about the Green New Deal.  For the purpose of these diaries, we will refer to the version(1) of the Green New Deal put out by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez in H.Res. 109.  This bill calls for the United States to convert to 100% renewable energy within 10 years through a massive mobilization on the order […]

Sunday Train: The world’s first solar-powered railroad

The Byron Bay Railroad Company’s charming 100% solar-powered train has been featured in a Fully Charged video, showcasing the possibility of zero-emission public transport. The train is super efficient, requiring 8.33 watt-hours per passenger kilometer, even with frequent stop–starting. With a 6.5 kW rooftop solar array and a lithium-ion battery on board, in peak solar […]