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Congressional GOP demands free market solutions for solar innovation, then complains about the free market

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 was a Republican bill, passed by a Republican-controlled Congress, and signed by Republican President George W. Bush. It created a program in the Department of Energy to give loans to “help support innovative energy projects to reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution.” By Climate Denier Roundup It’s an example of a conservative […]

Here’s how energy storage kills coal, one factory at a time

When recently impeached US President* Donald Trump tapped an auto industry lobbyist to lead the US Department of Energy last fall, eyes rolled back into heads. Well, it looks like the wrong eyes rolled. Despite the Commander-in-Chief’s oft-repeated promise to save coal jobs, coal power plants are still closing and the latest energy storage news […]

February 14th

Hydrogen in, natural gas out – $64 billion makes it official

Just a few years ago, a chorus of hee-haws would be expected to erupt whenever the topic turned to the hydrogen economy of the sparkling green future. Well, money talks. The US Department of Energy has been plowing research dollars into hydrogen and fuel cell technology, and the latest development is all about leveraging wind […]

February 6th

US DOE has great news about renewable energy (Sorry, Trump!)

File this one under W for With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies? President* Trump front-loaded his 2016 campaign with a pledge to revive the US coal industry, but during his tenure the growth prospects for coal power have flatlined. The latest outlook on electricity generation from Trump’s own Department of Energy serves up the […]

January 14th

Drain the Swamp: Trump’s cabinet is best at being WORST for the environment.

When presidential candidate Donald Trump promised to hire only “the best people,” no one thought to ask him what they’d be best at. Trump himself has set standards for corruption, dishonesty, bullying, and callousness that seem unsurpassable, yet that hasn’t stopped his subordinates from trying, including the three men doing his environmental dirty work: Secretary […]

October 29th

Visualizing California’s booming solar market

A decade ago, less than 30,000 unique commercial and residential solar projects dotted the California landscape. Today, that number has grown close to 750,000 projects, a whopping amount serving a greater area and share of California’s electricity demand than ever before. Marie Donahue Institute for Local Self-Reliance What is even more remarkable about this statewide […]

August 18th

DOE goes all in for American Wind Week (sorry, coal!)

The mighty offshore wind energy beast of the USA is finally beginning to stir, just in time to celebrate American Wind Week. Never heard of American Wind Week? Join the club! It’s annual celebration of all things wind hosted by the American Wind Energy Association, falling on August 5-11 this year. By Tina Casey Cleantechnica […]

August 9th