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From Solar Panels to Sarah Palins: The Top 10 Green Politics Stories of 2008

Campaign politics dominated the headlines in 2008, making it a banner year for the armchair pundit. 2008 was also a year that issues like energy use, climate change and carbon footprints came to the forefront of popular culture and political reality. Put all of that together and you have 2008’s top environmental politics stories.

December 29th

Animal Cruelty versus Environmental Politics

The four animal rights activists found guilty of blackmailing companies that supplied Huntingdon Life Sciences are certainly reprehensible, their behaviour was appalling and their actions verged on the psychopathic, but they are also an example of why the current way of doing environmental politics just doesn’t seem to be working

December 27th

Could Action on Climate Really Be Bush Legacy?

For Teddy Roosevelt it was the creation of our system of National Parks. For Richard Nixon it was the passage of landmark environmental reforms found in the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act. For Bill Clinton it was an eleventh-hour preservation of millions of acres of public lands. […]

April 15th