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Biggest European utility jettisons fossil fuels

The biggest player in the Eurpoean energy market is divesting of fossil fuels and nuclear.  E.ON says it sees renewable energy and distributed energy models as the wave of the future. That’s good news for climate negotiators, who started a round of talks in Lima this morning. Unlike American companies, which seem determined to double […]

December 1st

France pushes to ban Monsanto’s GMO corn across the entire EU

Monsanto’s battle to get its genetically modified (GMO) corn into the European Union suffered a setback as the French Environment Ministry pushed the EU to implement a full ban, despite some agencies attempts to overrule it. Last November France’s high administrative court, the Conseil d’Etat, had ordered the ban lifted on one product, Monsanto’s MON 810 seed […]

February 21st

EU Frustrates Green Car Production

Did your grandparents ever make you orange squash when you were a kid? Mine did, and I could always tell who had made it by how watery it was. Yech! So it is with EU legislation. It’s not a question of if it’s going to be watered down, but by how much. For example, efforts […]

September 10th