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Use the Coronavirus stimulus bill to seed a better, GREENER future

Our economy is in free fall. Already, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused nearly one in five workers to lose jobs or hours. We are seeing the largest spike in unemployment claims since the 2008 financial crisis. According to Goldman Sachs, the number of initial joblessness claims could rise to 2.25 million by the end of this week. By Michael Brune Sierra […]

March 25th

US Green economy is ALREADY $1.3 trillion, 4% of U.S. workforce, 7% of GDP

A new study released by Palgrave Communications Tuesday estimates that the U.S. “green economy” employs 9.5 million people and cranks out $1.3 trillion in annual sales revenue. That’s 4% of the nation’s workforce and 7% of the gross domestic product. It’s also 16.5% of the global green economy. U.S. green sales rose 20% between 2013 and 2016, and they are expected to […]

October 17th

State of the Union 2013 – Watch it live, here!

Watch President Obama deliver his State of the Union speech right here, live, at 9 pm Eastern. Will he talk about climate change? Will he confront big oil? Will he take on subsidies for fossil fuels and unsustainable agriculture? Will he call for more green jobs? We’ll know in a few hours… And then… […]

February 12th

Best way to cut the deficit: Grow the (green) economy

It’s not rocket science. It’s basic economics. Invest in job creation. More jobs cascade into more revenues across the economy. More working people leads to more tax revenue. The Congressional Progressive Caucus has a proposal that would avoid the sequester and cut the deficit in a healthy way, while leading to bigger growth. At the […]

February 6th

Obama’s jobs plan: Looking for the green

Here’s an overview of the details of President Obama’s jobs bill.

There isn’t much that has a green component… Some are more directly green, such as money to renovate schools that will include energy-saving insulation. Some of them are more of a stretch…

September 8th

Democrats Host Green Jobs Summit

On an historic day which proved America’s spirit during the Revolutionary War, the spirit of America was again proved. As news came that Nevada’s unemployment rate hit a record high of 11.3 percent, Senate majority leader Harry Reid addressed the people whose roles are instrumental in helping America survive.

June 29th