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GOP pushing for oil drilling in national parks

On Monday, Rep. Paul Gosar, the Republican who represents Arizona’s 4th Congressional District, launched Example #117 in the Trump-era category of No Big Surprise. By Meteor Blades (Originally appeared at DailyKos) He introduced a resolution to eliminate rules imposed in 2016 under the Obama administration that placed restrictions on existing oil and gas drilling operations on land governed […]

February 2nd

GOP plan Bundy-style public land giveaway to oil, mining and ranching millionaires

By Meteor Blades Two Republican Utah congressmen have introduced a deceptive public lands initiative designed to open a million acres of public land to private interests while pretending to protect other lands under a bogus “wilderness” designation where weakened environmental regulations would make that label a very unfunny joke. For 40 years, extremists have been eager to take over […]

January 21st

Obama creates new National Monument, GOP tries to strip him of that power

By Meteor Blades President Theodore Roosevelt designated the first National Monument, Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, in 1906. It was the first of 138 such designations by 16 presidents. Last week, President Barack Obama signed the most recent designation, the Organ Pipe Desert Peaks National Monument of New Mexico, 496,000 acres of the southern Rockies. If Republicans had their […]

Debt deal: While they were busy screwing the economy, GOP was also screwing the environment

Washington didn’t come to a standstill last week. While the GOP leadership was busy holding a gun to the economy and threatening to shoot if we didn’t give in to all their demands… the rank and file were taking a little time to trash the environment.

The House started the budget process for the Interior Department, which covers a lot of environmentally sensitive ground. Here are just a few of the things the Republicans have planned for us.

August 1st

Coal Mine For Bryce Canyon? Redford says, “Just say NO”.

The state of Utah has approved an open-pit coal mine to be located just 10 miles from Bryce Canyon National Park. GOP Governor Gary Herbert got the permit fast-tracked… after meeting with the mine’s developers and taking a $10,000 campaign contribution. “A strip mine is not the sort of canyon tourists are flocking to see,” […]

December 13th