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How did past cultures deal with climate change? Mostly, they collapsed

Archaeologists are plumbing the human experience to find out how various societies have responded to climate change, shifts in food resources, and natural hazards—among other challenges to human survival. Research findings on three early Native American cultures from the southwestern United States show how each responded to environmental challenges in different ways that dramatically altered their […]

October 15th

Creation Justice: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is in danger now!

The threats of drilling on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge have recently increased. Without notifying the public, the Trump Administration is taking steps to allow oil exploration in this sensitive part of God’s creation for the first time in 30 years. By Creation Justice Creation Care Ministries In a series of memos, the Department of the Interior has […]

October 8th

Native American tribes want names of racist bigots stripped from Yellowstone National Park

Tribes will rally Saturday to demand names of white supremacist killers be removed at Yellowstone: By Meteor Blades The Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council, which represents all tribes in Montana and Wyoming, has been calling for the name changes since December 2014. One is Mount Doane named for Gustavus Cheyney Doane. He was prominent in the first […]

September 14th

DNC Chair Perez blasts Trump for breaking government promises to American Indians

Since long before the founding of the Republic, the settler populations from the Puritans onward did their best to wipe out the indigenous peoples of what is now the United States. By Meteor Blades  The vast majority of American Indians—likely in their millions—were killed by European-brought diseases. But public policy, spoken and written, was predicated on extermination, sometimes […]

August 10th

Energy Dept trolls Trump by pushing clean energy projects

CleanTechnica is trying to track the rapidfire Trump-trolling emitted by the US Energy Department, but it’s hard to keep up. Despite the coal-positive rhetoric of President Trump, his own agency has been relentlessly pounding out  mountains of good news about renewables. Among the flood of news this week, two items broke through the clutter: a […]

Who is the shadowy security company attacking pipeline protestors?

By Meteor Blades G4S, a U.K.-based security multinational, admitted to having personnel deployed at “remote sites” where Native Americans are defending their lands from the planned US$3.8-million Dakota Access pipeline that they say would pollute the drinking water of millions. The actions have brought together over 200 tribes in solidarity and faced a heavy offensive […]

September 9th

Malheur occupation: Natives say if the Federal Govt is giving back land, we’re first in line

By Meteor Blades As the media continue spotlighting the armed extremists occupying the federal headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, their complaints about federal government “over-reach,” and their demands that the feds “give the land back,” members of another group say that if there were to be any giveback, they ought to be first in line. They are the Burns […]

January 7th

Victory! Nevada pulls the plug on polluting coal plant

By Mary Anne Hitt Director of the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign There is big news out of Nevada that will echo around the nation. Late Monday night the Nevada Assembly passed a bill clearing the path to retire the polluting Reid Gardner coal plant. The bipartisan bill is now headed for an expected signature […]

Obama cuts through Keystone red tape, while Native Americans protest

After rejecting the controversial Keystone XL pipeline proposal in January, President Barack Obama today announced his plan to fast- track the construction of the pipeline’s southern end at a speech in Cushing, Oklahoma. As Native American activists protested the pipeline on the motorcade route miles from the President’s pro-oil event, Obama explained that the TransCanada […]

March 22nd