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New York opens traffic-clogged streets to people during pandemic, the city’s latest redesign in times of dramatic change

On some normally congested New York City streets, cars are gone, replaced by diners tentatively returning to restaurants – though only outside – after months of lockdown. On June 22, the city entered phase two of reopening after its severe coronavirus outbreak, allowing many businesses to resume operations with restrictions. By Amy D. Finstein, College […]

Election day NYC: We recommend a vote for green advocate Rafael Espinal for Public Advocate today

With 17 (!) candidates on the ballot, it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide who to vote for. But having looked through the candidates records’, one stands out on green issues and clean energy: Rafael Espinal. We heartily endorse him as New York City’s next Public Advocate. And we encourage you to get […]

February 26th

A Green New Deal that’s already happening – nonprofits Solar One & WE ACT For Environmental Justice create jobs with solar

This is what the Green New Deal looks like in real life. What an inspiration to experience first hand the harmony of a cooperative, decentralized, warm group of socially and environmentally attuned people — nonprofits working with other nonprofits, transitioning the skyscapes and the landscape naturally with an energized, renewable solar energy pulse. By Cynthia […]

February 16th

Ahead of New York Climate Week, Mayor de Blasio pushes building efficiency

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced new mandates on building owners to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of existing buildings, in a move that will affect NYC’s 14,500 least-efficient buildings, which together produce 24% of the city’s total greenhouse gas emissions. By Joshua S Hill  “Time is not on our side,” de Blasio said. […]

September 19th

NYC leads the way with Environmental Justice laws

The New York City Council recently passed the most comprehensive environmental justice legislation ever achieved in any U.S. city. By Kieth Rushing Earthjustice The breakthrough marked a major win for the Harlem-based organization WE ACT for Environmental Justice, which recently boosted its local and state advocacy efforts. WE ACT is not alone. Many environmental justice […]

June 18th

Hurricane Sandy and climate change compel NYC Mayor Bloomberg to endorse Obama

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg (formerly Republican, now Independent) has been holding aloof on endorsing either candidate for president. But after Hurricane Sandy’s climate-change-fueled might slammed into his city this week, Bloomberg has decided that the issues of climate change and global warming are too important. And he has announced his endorsement of President Obama for […]

November 1st