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Wind vs coal in the wild, wild west

In the topsy-turvy world of today’s renewable energy landscape, odd things are happening. One good example is the western US state of Wyoming. It is the nation’s single most coal-producing state, and yet it is also set to play a critical role in the 100% renewable energy plans of the City of Fort Collins, just […]

August 24th

DOE goes all in for American Wind Week (sorry, coal!)

The mighty offshore wind energy beast of the USA is finally beginning to stir, just in time to celebrate American Wind Week. Never heard of American Wind Week? Join the club! It’s annual celebration of all things wind hosted by the American Wind Energy Association, falling on August 5-11 this year. By Tina Casey Cleantechnica […]

August 9th

UK powers itself 55 hours without coal

The UK’s electricity and gas owner National Grid has confirmed that Great Britain had gone more than 2 days without any coal electricity generation. By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica It’s important to note here, especially given some of the reporting of this news, that it was in fact Great Britain which accomplished this record – which can essentially […]

April 23rd

Trump’s energy department pushes coal-killing offshore wind energy

The US offshore wind industry ran into some mighty stiff headwinds under the Obama Administration, but that was then. Now the logjam is breaking, and the Trump Administration is overseeing a burst of activity along the Atlantic Coast. That’s kind of weird, right? After all, President* Trump is not a particular fan of wind energy. […]

April 19th

Winners and Losers: GOP tax plan screws wind and solar while boosting fossil fuels

United States Republicans finally published their proposed tax plan this week to much ballyhoo and recriminations, not just among Democrats but also throughout the country’s renewable energy industry, which caught the short end of the stick and will likely lose thousands of jobs and billions in investments if the bill passes. By Joshua S Hill  Any […]

November 3rd

Wind energy on track to meet 10% of US demand by 2020 – plus 50,000 new jobs

The American Wind Energy Association published a new report which revealed the country’s current pipeline of wind energy projects under construction or in advanced development as of the end of the third quarter reached 29,634 MW, a 27% year-over-year growth and on track to provide 10% of America’s electricity by 2020 alongside $85 billion in economic […]

October 29th

Teeny tiny micro wind turbines get love from Energy Department

Wind turbines have been steadily growing taller and sweeping more sky in the quest for high megawatts, and today’s wind power market is dominated by large centralized wind farms. However, the US Energy Department still sees a place for micro wind turbines and distributed wind energy in the nation’s grid. The latest round of funding […]

October 20th