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US wind passes hydropower

The latest energy and electricity forecasts from the US government has predicted that wind energy will outperform hydropower for the first time, providing a greater share of the country’s electricity mix in 2019.   By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) published its latest Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO) on Tuesday, the […]

January 17th

Australia near approving largest windfarm

What could end up being one of Australia’s largest wind energy installations, the Golden Plains Wind Farm, received planning approval from the Victorian Government last week, and now awaits approval by the federal government. Set to be built near the small township of Rokewood in the Golden Plains Shire, close to the second largest city in […]

January 16th

Why the heck doesn’t Australia have any offshore wind energy development?

As the year draws to a close and Australia’s renewable energy industry celebrates a surprisingly strong year — surprising, especially considering the general lack of support from the Federal Government — one could be forgiven for wondering why a literal “island nation” as big as Australia hasn’t turned its eyes offshore for its electricity generation. […]

December 29th

Solar and wind energy are now THE cheapest source of new energy

Falling costs have allowed unsubsidized solar and onshore wind to become the cheapest source of new bulk power in all major economies except Japan. The findings come from Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s (BNEF) ‘2H 2018 LCOE‘ report, published on Monday – the company’s twice-yearly analysis of the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCoE), a global assessment of the […]

November 21st

No, wind farms DO NOT kill off 75% of nearby birds (the birds don’t die, they fly)

Deniers are crowing over a new study in Nature that’s supposedly claiming wind turbines are killing 3/4ths of birds in the areas around them. Obviously that’s absurd, so what the flock is going on? By Climate Denier Roundup This new myth took flight with a Daily MailOnline story with a headline claiming “Wind farms are the ‘new […]

November 9th

Fake news: Why does Donald Trump continue to lie on basic facts about climate change and cleantech?

Let’s start off with a few things everyone can agree on (I think). Donald Trump frequently attacks investigators — at the FBI, in Robert Mueller’s special Department of Justice investigation team, and in the media. He has also routinely disagreed with confirmed climate science and has repeatedly claimed it’s a Chinese climate hoax (which, basically, […]

November 2nd

Australia’s first Business Renewables Centre helps jump-start small-scale renewable energy projects

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency announced this week that it will invest in the country’s first Business Renewables Centre which will aim to help businesses and local governments procure 1 gigawatt (GW) of renewable energy by 2022 and 5 GW by 2030. By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica The Australian Business Renewables Centre is a AU$1.74 million […]

October 21st

Breaking Wind News: No, wind turbines don’t cause global warming

A pair of studies on wind power published last week are proving irresistible to mainstream reporters and deniers alike because of a seemingly counterintuitive conclusions: widespread use of wind power will cause warming. But – and this will surely come as a shock – this isn’t really all that true. By Climate Denier Roundup Despite the headlines reflecting one of […]

October 10th

As Hurricane Michael slams Florida, it’s good to know they’re making wind turbines typhoon-proof

Earlier this month Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy announced to the world that it would tailor its SG 8.0-167 DD offshore wind turbine variant for Asia Pacific markets in an effort to address what the company subtly described as “local conditions across the region.” What might have been more helpful and explanatory was to say that its […]

October 9th