Author: Carolyn Fortuna

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As 60,000 die from Coronavirus, Trump launches secret war on regulations that SAVE LIVES

Earlier this year I wrote about Trump administration environmental deregulations, and our readers responded with their positions on which acts would have the most long-term harm. Who knew that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would be at it again, especially during the pandemic crisis? According to Nature, the EPA is pressing forward with controversial efforts to roll back […]

May 1st

How Tesla manages to stay ahead of the 5 stages of EV denial

It’s been nearly a century since any automaker was in a more enviable position than Tesla. Technology and design of zero-emission vehicles has improved dramatically in recent years. Yet, to catch up with Tesla innovation and marketability and be competitive in the fast-moving EV segment, legacy automakers need to switch to forward thinking, major investments, and extreme […]

May 1st

VW’s CEO is worried – Tesla has progressed far beyond other automakers on neural networks

Tesla zooms ahead of other automakers in many ways, including accentuating driver focus and safety through its Autopilot feature. With 8 external cameras, a radar, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and a powerful onboard computer, Autopilot’s suite of driver assistance features is partly the result of a neural network that has accumulated billions of miles of driver experience. Tesla’s […]

April 30th

Tesla stands out for its tech – “Simple in one arena, profound in another”

The automotive industry has slowly evolved from producing mechanical behemoths to offering complex technological systems on wheels. The new cultural environment of transportation software precision has been guided by R&D from Tesla — Tesla has ushered in technological transformations that recreate vehicles into smart devices, deviate from fossil fuel dependency, infuse connectivity, and provide infotainment. […]

April 29th

Tesla for new audiences – how to spread the word

Teaching Tesla to friends and family is a new hobby of mine. Since I’ve moved to Florida, I seem to have lots of friends come to visit. Hey, we’re immersed in a winter of sunshine, mild temps, outdoor activities, farmers’ markets — who wouldn’t want to stop by and say “hi?” Recently, good friends from the […]

February 25th

Who was the best US President for the environment?

Monday, February 17, 2020 marked Presidents Day in the US. It’s a time to commemorate exceptional leaders who served their countries well and who made a lasting, positive impact for generations to follow. Those of us who are ecojustice warriors also search deeply in this time of climate crisis to find the qualities of the […]

February 18th

GOP strategists praise carbon pricing (as a way to win votes)

The Republican party admittedly has no national climate plan. To climate deniers, this is fine. But Republican strategists are warning that younger voters really do care about the climate crisis, and, without Generation Z’s votes, the party is on tenuous ground. Enter carbon pricing. By Carolyn Fortuna Cleantechnica Who’s speaking up? Senate Majority Leader Mitch […]

February 13th

All new-built homes in the US will be EV ready

The US will need 9.6 million new electric vehicle charging ports by 2030. Where will all those chargers be located? According to recent research, almost 80% of those will be in single and multi-family residential buildings. That’s a big change. Homes in the US are typically built with wiring for only a few 240W outlets in the garage, […]

January 14th

What do you think: Should Trump have trashed these 10 environmental regulations?

The Trump administration has a serious mandate to modify or even eliminate environmental regulations that it sees as burdensome to the fossil fuel industry and other big businesses. States, municipalities, and NGOs have responded to these changes by filing lawsuits to block the administration. But many executive orders have been enacted, while others are pending. […]

January 10th