Climate Change

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Schwarzenegger Declares Statewide Drought, Orders Agencies to Address California’s Urgent Water Needs

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a statewide drought today, following two straight years of below-average rainfall, very low snowmelt runoff and the largest court-ordered water transfer restrictions of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta in state history. The governor also issued an Executive Order meant to address related problems caused by the water shortages, such as extreme […]

June 4th

Mean Joe Green #10: Pessimistic Poetry

I am typically an optimistic, hopeful fella. But, a recent look at NRDC’s Bush Record, and a peek at Bush’s Orwellian “Clear Skies Act“, and this recent study on the environmental apathy of US citizens have turned my blue skies gray. This bout with pessimism led to the poem and morbid cartoon after the break. […]

May 16th

Why Is the EPA Reaching Out?

The Environmental Protection Agency has begun a “National Dialogue” about what information the public needs from the agency and how the agency can better provide that information. Interested parties can now let the agency know what they think on EPA’s new interactive Web page (I’d love to a fly on that digital wall). Additionally, agency […]

April 28th

Americans are Stupid When it Comes to Global Warming

In honor, or dishonor, of Earth Day, a Gallup poll is conducted each year about Americans’ opinions on environmental issues. For 19 years, Americans have been asked to rate their personal environmental concerns and what level of action is required to solve these problems. Despite Al Gore and all of his efforts, public opinion has […]

April 23rd