Climate Change

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Mean Joe Green#2: Things Can ALWAYS Get Worse!

This cartoon was inspired by Bush’s recent intervention to weaken limits of smog-forming ozone in our air. John Walke, the Clean Air director for the National Resources Defense Council, called the intervention an “unprecedented and unlawful act of political interference”. With all due respect Mr. Walke, after the past 7 years unprecedented and unlawful moves […]

March 22nd

U.S. Law Complicates Canadian Oilsands

When the U.S. Congress passed the Energy Independence and Security Act last December, the bill included a passage that could effect Canada’s oilsands, and that has the Canadian government nervous. The law prohibits federal procurement of fuels that produce more global warming emissions than conventional sources. Canada is concerned because the fuel taken from the […]

March 20th

Thank You Bush for Weakening Smog Limits

Will we survive George W. Bush’s presidency? Not if you think clean air is necessary for your life and the life of the planet. Last week, Bush overruled the EPA’s efforts to set lower smog-forming ozone limits. Bush actually ordered the agency to increase the limit! According to the Grist, “the EPA set both the […]

March 19th

Wyoming Passes Carbon Capture & Sequestration Legislation

Law Helps Smooth Way For “Clean Coal” Last week, Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal signed a bill that recognizes that surface owners control the underground pore spaces where carbon dioxide could be stored or sequestered. A companion bill, gives the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality the authority to regulate the long-term storage of carbon dioxide. “With […]

March 18th

A Green Light in a Red Home…

She was very young, 3 or 4, when our green light started to blink. As we drove through the streets of suburbia, the extensive urban sprawl was evident everywhere. Orange trees and grapefruit trees were plowed down quickly and furiously by developers. From her car seat she would become enraged about the trees and animals. […]

March 10th