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Express high-speed rail is sexy

By Bruce McF Indeed, high-speed rail is sexy enough that when Big Oil propagandizes against it, they have to paint it as too expensive or something that America is too incompetent to handle, since the idea of sitting in an actually comfortable rail seat, watching a movie on a laptop or snacking on a sandwich […]

June 10th

David Brin: Trending toward the future

By David Brin As this is being posted, I am at the Annual Future in Review… or FiRe … conference in Laguna Beach, California, a gathering of tech entrepreneurs and venture folk and such, where I am the regular/resident futurist scifi-guy. I’ll be helping run the “CTO Challenge.” This year’s topic – developing a plan to help […]

James Howard Kunstler: Soured American dreamland

By James Howard Kunstler A few weeks ago I flew to Chicago, hopped into a rent-a-car, and navigated my way on the tangle of interstate highways to the now mostly former industrial region in the northwest corner of Indiana just off lowest Lake Michigan between the towns of Whiting and Gary. The desolation of human […]

April 30th

Transportation bill clusterfuck rolls on…

By Deron Lovaas Natural Resources Defense Council Here’s the state-of-play: The Senate passed a transportation bill, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century, MAP-21, by an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 74-22. This lobbed a nice easy proposal to the chamber on the other side of Capitol Hill, which has managed only fits and starts […]

April 18th

Americans want walkable neighborhoods. GOP says screw you.

We’ve told you about how bad the GOP-backed transportation bill is – how it’s all about cars, and slashes every every other mode of getting around, from trains to bikes. Which is tragic, because those are exactly the things Americans want more of… By BETH BUCZYNSKI  Before the 2008 recession hit, Americans were obsessed with big […]

February 22nd

Super Bowl adwatch: Halftime in America vs halfwits in America

By David Brin Has a jobs renaissance in America begun, especially in manufacturing?  There are definite signs of “in-sourcing” taking place. Oh, but that segues into Clint Eastwood’s Superbowl Chrysler commercial… and the subsequent Republican fire storm against him, by Karl Rove and others, for daring to suggest that the “bailout” of Detroit was actually a […]

February 9th

Worst. Transportation. Bill. Ever.

By Deron Lovaas Federal Transportation Policy Director, NRDC Partisanship is the reason for constant gridlock in Congress. One exception has been the issue of transportation. NRDC is on the record — analyzing and critiquing yet supporting — the bipartisan federal transportation bill that passed the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. Passage of that bill through committee was made possible by the […]

February 1st

GOP rejects rail, voters reject GOP

How are the GOP governors who rejected high-speed rail projects doing? Buyer’s remorse has set in spectacularly swiftly – from Wisconsin to Florida, their approval ratings have a trajectory like locomotive plunging off a trestle.
The bad news: Those states handed the GOP the car keys and said “YOU drive for the next four years”. Now they’re stuck with the results.

May 26th