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GM and Ford double down on SUVs, miss the boat on EVs

According to a report by Reuters, both GM and Ford have revealed their marketing plans for the North American market over the next several years and they call for lots of shiny new SUVs with infernal combustion engines and a trickle of electric vehicles. By Steve Hanley Cleantechnica Based on data supplied by both automakers to AutoForecast […]

April 1st

Imagine plugging your EV into a streetlight! It’s happening NOW

Siemens, in partnership with EV charging company ubitricity, has converted all 24 lamp posts along Sutherland Avenue — all one kilometer of it — in the Westminster section of London to serve as EV charging stations.  Now that the work has been completed, there are over 300 EV chargers in Westminster, according to a Siemens press release. […]

March 25th

Remember the monopolistic laws that prevent Tesla from selling you a car? They also block Tesla from car shows.

The Kansas City Auto Show, which had hundreds of new vehicles, excluded Tesla due to its sales model. Tesla allows buyers to buy directly from the manufacturer, and dealerships don’t like that. Ellen McNamara with KCTV5 wanted to know why Tesla wasn’t allowed to participate in the auto show, which could have led to the company landing a few […]

March 13th

Tesla has 80% of the EV market in Australia

In Australia, similar to the US, Tesla owns at least 80% of the EV market. While Tesla just made its 1,000,000th vehicle and bypassed a major milestone for a company that is just 16 years old (and taking on an entire industry), in Australia it is nearing its 18,000 mark and taking over the market in one fell […]

March 12th

Without Tesla, would there even be an EV market today?

Where would the EV market be today if Tesla didn’t exist? This sounds like a silly question since many fans would say, “Duh, there wouldn’t be one.” Even as the market expands and new models arrive, I think that critics also know this. In the US, Tesla basically is the market, scoring more than half of […]

March 9th