Truth or Consequences

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Tesla vs auto dealers: Round one goes to Tesla for right to sell direct to consumers

Tired of jousting with the governor of Michigan and its legislature over its desire to sell automobiles directly to customers in the Wolverine State, Tesla filed a federal lawsuit last year claiming Michigan’s refusal to permit direct sales violated its rights under the United States Constitution. Now, a court has handed them an important first victory. By Steve […]

August 23rd

James Howard Kunstler: Diminishing returns

Diminishing returns. These two words are the hinge that is swinging American life — and the advanced techno-industrial world, for that matter — toward darkness. They represent an infection in the critical operations of daily life, like a metabolic disease, driving us into disorder and failure. And they are so omnipresent that we’ve failed to even […]

August 22nd

James Howard Kunstler: Total eclipse of reality

Just as empires tend to build their most grandiose monuments prior to collapse, our tottering empire is concocting the most monumentally ludicrous delusions before it slides down the laundry chute of history. It’s as if the Marx Brothers colluded with Alfred Hitchcock to dream up a melodramatic climax to the American Century that would be the most […]

August 21st

Trade war over solar panels comes one step closer

Hearings for the much-hyped and controversial Section 201 trade case filed with the US International Trade Commission by Suniva and SolarWorld began this week, further raising fears that if Donald Trump is brought into the equation, tarrifs could be slapped on solar panels and the US solar industry may suffer. By Joshua S Hill  The first […]

August 19th

EPA-wrecker Scott Pruitt runs an agency slouching into paranoia

Until now, Ronald Reagan-appointed Anne Gorsuch Burford [mother of nepotastic stolen-seat Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch] was the worst administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency in its nearly half-century of existence. She cut its budget by a fifth and worked diligently to please polluting industries that she claimed were over-regulated. She was just one appointee […]

August 12th

James Howard Kunstler – Amazon vs Walmart, the monster battle that’s destroying our cities

As the empire deliquesces into a fetid slurry of economic failure, we stand ankle deep in the rising swamp waters witnessing the futile battle of the giants, Walmart and Amazon. Neil Howe, co-author of The Fourth Turning, wrote this week that “[t]he Amazon-Walmart rivalry will determine the future of retail.” Well, it seems that way, perhaps, and […]

August 11th

James Howard Kunstler – Are Russian sanctions a ploy so US can sell more natural gas to the EU?

Russia hysteria has become a full-blown national psychosis at a moment in history when a separate array of troubles poses the real threat to America’s well-being. Most of these have to do with the country’s swan dive into bankruptcy, but meeting them honestly would force uncomfortable choices on the grifters and caitiffs in congress. Meanwhile, […]

The Carbon Bubble – WSJ is misleading big oil investors

The carbon bubble is something I’ve written about at length. See “The Totally Insane Carbon Bubble” for an overview. It’s one of the core investment and economic issues of the century, so you would think that the Wall Street Journal would have covered it pretty extensively, right? Not so much. By Zachary Shahan  The Carbon Bubble in a nutshell: 1) […]

August 2nd