Truth or Consequences

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Star Wars is all that remains of the US economy

By James Howard Kunstler Theory du jour: the new Star Wars movie is sucking in whatever meager disposable lucre remains among the economically-flayed mid-to-lower orders of America. In fact, I propose a new index showing an inverse relationship between Star Wars box office receipts and soundness of the financial commonweal. In other words, Star Wars […]

December 21st

Fukushima scientists confirm meltdown in 3rd reactor

By Jeremy Bloom The Wall Street Journal reports that scientists investigating the Fukushima power plant have confirmed a third of its reactors had a serious meltdown when the 2011 earthquake and tsunami destroyed the plant. Part of the problem: The plant is such a disaster that the only way they can tell what the hell happened, […]

October 1st

Trump is just an obnoxious symptom of the coming financial meltdown

By James Howard Kunstler The tremors rattling markets are not exactly what they seem to be. A meme prevails that these movements represent a kind of financial peristalsis — regular wavelike workings of eternal progress toward an epic more of everything, especially profits! You can forget the supposedly “normal” cycles of the techno-industrial arrangement, which […]

August 31st

Unlike their damnfool parents, millennials WANT government to work

By Meteor Blades While some politicians want to keep starving government, including money for repairing, restoring and innovating our decaying infrastructure…. Tom Shoop at Government Executive writes: Millennials—More Government, Please: Much has been written about the disgust of the millennial generation with the state of the U.S. political system and about how federal agencies haven’t been able to […]

August 16th