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Antarctic ice is melting faster than we thought – killing one last climate denier talking point

Odds are, no one was especially thrilled by the widely reported news last week that Antarctica’s ice melt has tripled since 1992. But deniers are particularly angry: the finding strikes a blow against one of their last sort-of-true talking points. Deniers, you see, love to claim that despite Arctic melt, the ice covering the Antarctic is doing fine, or […]

Sea level rise will sink Trump-backing VA island. Sen. Kaine wants to prevent that.

Jenna Portnoy at The Washington Post wrote an interesting piece about Tangier Island (Sinking into Chesepeake Bay due to sea level rise) and Sen. Tim Kaine, the Virginia Democrat. Despite the fact most islanders didn’t vote for Kaine when he ran for governor or senator, he’s determined to help them deal with their plight. Which means getting Congress to cough up […]

September 3rd

As climate change accelerates sea level rise, feds censor climate info

Calculations in a new study show that sea level is rising three times as fast as it was before 1990. The scientists concluded in their reassessment that the rise before had been overestimated and the rise since 1990 has been dramatically underestimated. By Meteor Blades Chris Mooney at The Washington Post reports: Their paper, just out in the Proceedings of […]

May 23rd

Sea level rise is going to be a LOT higher

You thought Sandy was bad? Just wait for the megastorms that will swamp our coastal cities after a foot – or three – of sea level rise. The 2007 IPCC estimate was just under two feet of rise… but we’re getting a better sense of the worsening situation in both Greenland and Antarctica now. And […]

January 7th

Climate Skeptic Lomborg Proves We SHOULD Act On Global Warming

In a picture perfect example of how to make somebody else’s argument for them, author (“The Skeptical Environmentalist”) and documentary subject (“Cool It”) Bjorn Lomborg says we don’t need to act on global warming – but his examples actually prove the opposite. Lomborg writes that sea level rise is no big deal: Since 1930, excessive groundwater withdrawal […]

December 14th