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Chevron hits new low in corporate irresponsibility

Chevron issued its Corporate Responsibility report this week. But it’s the stuff they leave out that takes this from a positive report card to an epic failure. The good news: The oil giant claims to have done lots of awesome good stuff, including Achieved safest year in company history Reduced total energy consumption by 33 […]

May 6th

Bill McKibben at Powershift: It’s up to YOU to act

From college campuses across the country, ten thousand young climate activists have gathered in Washington DC this weekend for Powershift 2011 – a conference to train and empower activists on climate action and take that energy back out to the rest of the country. Bill McKibben, author and founder of, gave the one of […]

April 17th

Action alert: Tell Secretary Salazar not to trash Joshua Tree

(From Working Assets’ Credo Action) Developers are trying to put the nation’s largest garbage dump right next to Joshua Tree National Park. The proposed Eagle Mountain landfill would cover 3,500 acres of federal land, bordered on three sides by Joshua Tree’s unique beauty, and fragile ecosystem. The proposal by developers Kaiser Ventures has been struck […]

February 24th

GOP Wants you to Breathe More Mercury

Mercury is bad. Nobody disagrees with that. But As part of their anti-EPA agenda, the new GOP/Tea Party Congressional Majority is pushing to roll back the EPA’s new rules on mercury emissions from cement plants – the third largest source in the US. Key phrases: “Jobkilling” and “powergrab”. Here’s the backstory on the rule, issued […]

January 8th

Speak Out Now – EPA to Regulate Toxic Coal Ash

(From our sister blog, Coal power plants are by far the biggest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in this country. Their pollution is making our planet a more dangerous place to live. But these coal plants also create a by-product waste called “coal ash.”  Coal ash contains toxic chemicals like arsenic, mercury and lead […]

November 18th

Global Warming: 700 Fight For Science

Facing an onslaught of anti-science culture warriors (see accompanying story), 700 scientists from the American Geophysical Union have announced they will fight back. Hard on the heels of the GOP victory in Congressional elections, scientists now say they can no longer avoid politics and the media. “This group feels strongly that science and politics can’t […]

November 9th

How To Make Fresh Produce More Sustainable? Actually Eat It!

There are lots of well intended efforts underway to increase the “sustainability” of fresh fruit and vegetable production.  This includes a recent announcement from Wal-Mart saying that they want to use their influence in the market to drive positive change. All these efforts focus on how efficiently farmers use land, fertilizer, fuel, electricity, water and […]

October 20th

Why’d the White House Play Hard to Get on Solar Panels?

Writing at Salon, Andrew Leonard ponders the imponderable: Is the White House’s new acceptance of solar panels (nearly two years after the Election of Hope!) “…a welcome change of tone, prefiguring a new push on climate change and renewable energy, or yet another example of how a too-cautious administration keeps stepping on its feet”? Bill […]

October 8th

Bill McKibbon and Kick Off Climate Work Party for 10/10/10

(From Bill McKibbon and Dear Friends, When we first announced the Global Work Party scheduled for this weekend, I had three worries: 1) Since so many of you had done such a good job last year–5200 events in 181 countries, what CNN called “the most widespread day of political action in the planet’s history”–I […]

October 7th