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Fraud At The Farmers Market

How “local and sustainable” is the produce you’re buying at your local farmers market? There is a troubling article today on a site called “The Perishable Pundit.”  Jim Prevor, the author, is an extremely well respected source of information for the fresh produce industry.  It’s safe to say that most people in that business follow […]

February 2nd

Did the White House pressure USDA to approve Monsanto’s GMO alfalfa?

Why did Tom Vilsack completely cave and approve Monsanto’s Gene Modified (GMO) alfalfa without any restrictions at all? He was pushing an alternative – approval with some restrictions – to protect organic farmers – but it looks like a combination of pressure from the new GOP Congress, industry, and the White House killed that. Vilsack […]

February 2nd

Monsanto’s GMO alfalfa: Organic Valley says “No compromise, no deal”

Another follow-up on yesterday’s report that “Big Organics” had caved to Monsanto. Another company accused of giving in on Monsanto’s demand for unrestricted release of its Genetically Modified (GMO) alfalfa was Organic Valley. Here’s what they had to say today: As one of the brands mentioned in this article, we feel it’s important to address […]

January 31st

Rethinking Public Dollars To Promote Organic Adoption

There was a news story this week about how there are $1.5 million of Federal funds available to help farmers in Nebraska convert to Organic.  This is part of an Obama administration initiative to promote the expansion of Organic agriculture.  Frankly, this is a token effort that will have little effect, but there is an […]

January 31st

Monsanto back in court: Center for Food Safety challenges GMO alfalfa ruling

The Center for Food Safety has announced an immediate challenge to the USDA’s unregulated approval of Monsanto’s genetically-modified (GMO) alfalfa. “All farmers should be on notice that we will be suing again, so before they make their seed buying decisions, I would certainly caution them that we will be in court,” CFS’s Andrew Kimbrell told […]

January 31st

Stonyfield Farm Takes a Swing at Monsanto (and the OCA)

Yesterday, we reported how the Organic Consumers Association was accusing what they called “the organic elite” of caving to Monsanto and facilitating the USDA’s unrestricted approval of GMO alfalfa – a move that could seriously undermine the integrity of organic foods. Update: Organic Valley has also weighed in. See: Organic Valley says ‘No compromise, no […]

January 30th

From Big Ag to Big Organics: Welcome to Monsanto’s Brave New World

UPDATE: For the other side of this issue, see “Stonyfield Farm Takes a Swing at Monsanto (And the OCA)” and “Organic Valley says ‘No compromise, no deal’ “ Organics is big business now. Companies like Whole Foods and Stonyfield Farm do billions of dollars in business. And in the fallout of this week’s approval of […]

January 29th

End of Organics? Monsanto’s GMO Alfalfa Approved

The USDA has approved Monsanto’s gene-modified alfalfa. “So what?” you say. “I don’t eat alfalfa.” But if you eat beef, drink milk, eat cheese or ice cream, or eat any packaged food products that contain dairy, you DO eat alfalfa… as processed by cows. Alfalfa is the backbone of the agribusiness beef and dairy industry. […]

January 28th

Will the zombie Food Safety Act survive in the GOP Congress?

President Obama signed the long-in-coming Food Safety Modernization Act on Tuesday. Now that it’s finally law, will it actually be enforced? That’s not an easy question to answer. In part, that depends on how serious the new GOP/Tea Party majority in the House of Representatives are about their campaign promise to slash government spending. No […]

January 12th

Did Monstanto Finally Buy Blackwater? There’s No Way to Know

We reported in October on the rumor that Xe Services, the mercenary outfit formerly known as Blackwater, had been purchased by agribusiness giant Monsanto. While those rumors turned out to be false, the bad news is: Xe has, indeed, been purchased, and as of now there’s no way of knowing who the new owners really […]

January 4th

Zombie Food Safety Act Resurrected by Senate

Industry must really want the Food Safety Modernization Act (S 510). It was dead, dead, dead – the clock had run out, and considering the gridlock in Washington, the fact that Jim DeMint (R-SC) had promised he would block most everything the Democrats brought up, and Tom Colburn (R-OK) had promised he would personally fillibuster […]

December 20th

Food Safety Modernization Act, the Bill that Wouldn’t Die, is Dead

UPDATE: We spoke too soon! In one of the most uncharacteristic moves of this entire Congressional session, Republican opposition melted away on Sunday, the bill was dropped back onto the Senate calendar and minutes later passed by unanimous vote. See our coverage, “Zombie Food Safety Act Resurrected by Senate“ This time it looks like it’s […]

December 17th

Is the Food Safety Bill a Blessing or a Corporatist Curse?

For a few days it looked like the controversial Food Safety Modernization Act (S 510) was dead in the water. Technical issues meant it was unlikely to make it through both houses in the last, crazy days of the current Congress. But it now appears that it WILL make it through – it’s been attached […]

December 9th

Kick Out The Corn – The End of Ethanol Subsidies?

Ethanol has been a disaster. Once pushed as an alternative fuel that could help the planet, corn-based ethanol was done all wrong – and ends up costing more in greenhouse gas emissions than regular gas. By Jeremy Bloom It never made economic sense without taxpayer handouts – but it made political sense thanks to the […]

December 1st