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Evangelicals in Brazil see abuse of God’s earth as a sin – but will they fight to save the Amazon?

When the Brazilian city of São Paulo abruptly went dark at midday on Aug. 19, there was talk of the Apocalypse – not all of it in jest. In fact, meteorologists explained, unusual wind patterns had carried smoke hundreds of miles from the burning Amazon rainforest. The smoky fog blanketing São Paulo in darkness forced 21 […]

January 19th

Brazil’s first indigenous congresswoman defends her people’s rights from Bolsonaro

Joênia Wapichana helped to win land titles for five indigenous groups in Brazil’s far north, but President Bolsonaro is threatening to re-open the area to white farmers and miners. By Fabiano Maisonnave in Raposa/Serra do Sol Indigenous Land Climate Home News When indigenous leader Joênia Wapichana first came across Jair Bolsonaro, she was appalled. The […]

February 28th

Amazon says it uses 100% renewable energy. Greenpeace says it’s more like 12%

Global non-governmental environmental organization Greenpeace and internet giant Amazon are trading blows over a report published earlier this week by Greenpeace, which claims that Amazon Web Services is only meeting 12% of its renewable energy commitment in Virginia’s “data center alley.” By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica Greenpeace published a report on Wednesday entitled Clicking Clean Virginia – The Dirty […]

February 17th

Brazil’s Bolsonaro government gets right down to the job of environmental destruction

Brazil has demoted climate diplomacy as part of a foreign ministry shake-up, in Jair Bolsonaro’s first two weeks as president. The world “climate” has been erased from the organisational chart. The role of deputy secretary for environmental matters has been axed and its portfolio subsumed by the secretariat for “national sovereignty and citizenship affairs”. By Megan Darby Climate Home News Staff […]

January 16th

James Howard Kunstler – Amazon vs Walmart, the monster battle that’s destroying our cities

As the empire deliquesces into a fetid slurry of economic failure, we stand ankle deep in the rising swamp waters witnessing the futile battle of the giants, Walmart and Amazon. Neil Howe, co-author of The Fourth Turning, wrote this week that “[t]he Amazon-Walmart rivalry will determine the future of retail.” Well, it seems that way, perhaps, and […]

August 11th

Why is Chevron trying to intimidate journalists? And why is Google helping them?

It’s been more than a year since Chevron lost a landmark lawsuit saying they had to compensate Amazon rainforest natives they poisoned. But instead of doing the right thing and paying to clean up their mess, Chevron is acting like a six-year-old, stomping its feet and saying “I won’t, it’s not my fault, it’s YOUR […]

October 3rd

Chevron is at it again

Chevron may have lost in court, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to give up its 18-year battle to refuse to pay to clean up the mess it made in Ecuador.

Clearly, the oil giant is terrified that if it has to take responsibility for its actions in Ecuador, it may be forced to clean up the toxic legacy of its slovenly business practices all around the world, from Indonesia to Nigeria.

March 17th