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Salt Lake Tribune rejects Romney, endorses Obama!

This has got to hurt. The largest newspaper in Salt Lake City – the center of the Mormon world, the place where Romney saved the Olympics – has rejected their state’s favorite son with a stinging rebuke and endorsed Barack Obama for re-election. Under the headline “Too many Mitts – Obama has earned another term”, the […]

October 19th

David Brin explains the Fiscal Cliff (and who we should blame for this latest mess)

By David Brin The lesson is simple: do not re-hire the dopes who made the mess.  To many U.S. voters, one issue towers foremost — the Fiscal Cliff of rising public debt. We appear to have come a long way since Republican Vice President Dick Cheney famously said “deficits don’t matter.” Today, frightened by much-worse debt crises […]

October 17th

Election 2012: Who won the second debate? Obama!

This one is going to be tough for the pundits to call. On the one hand, President Obama came out swinging in tonight’s debate, and landed some good shots on Mitt Romney. This allows for a “comeback kid” narrative, always popular with the pundits. On the other hand, not much seemed to land on Romney […]

October 16th

Mitt Romney and His Magical Mystery Tax Policy

Well, it was quite a debate. We laughed, we cried…we winced…we wondered: Did Obama really let that BS stand?… We heard some surprising news from Mitt Romney too.  It turns out that what he’s been saying all along about his tax policy was incorrect!  Mitt Romney is going to cut everyone’s taxes by a lot, […]

October 5th

David Brin: Dissecting Romney’s Etch-a-Sketch Moment

By David Brin Could the traits of a good president — unflappable calm, sober deliberation and dedication to facts — prove lethal to presidential candidate Barack Obama?  Last night’s first presidential debate showed us “no drama Obama” at his most wonkish, and the world called it a good night for Mitt Romney… …whose agility onstage was stunning in […]

October 4th

Reaganizing the Romneybot: Watch the debate live!

The Romney campaign has been busy leaking strategy to the media as we head into tonight’s debate. In a classic of low-expectations-setting, they say the goal is to “humanize” Romney (certainly not go into detail on his actual policy positions – an area they’ve been avoiding like the plague, since Romney’s actual policies are about […]

October 3rd

Tonight’s debate: Unusual topics

By David Brin Who among us doesn’t yearn to ask questions at the presidential fora?  Poking at both candidates, shaking the routine of canned talking points and practiced answers?  Sure, I have a firm preference. But separately, How I wish that I could ask the following: 1) Mr. President and Governor Romney. There is a crime afoot that’s been […]

October 3rd

David Brin: American Exceptionalism… versus what has made America exceptional

By David Brin At their convention, the Republicans chose their theme: The coordinated message from two-thirds of their speakers would be American Exceptionalism. Unable to gain leverage by using the economy – which is slowly but clearly recovering from their own train wreck depression – and with the GOP suffering from devastating credibility gaps on everything […]

October 2nd