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Election 2012: Mitt’s Last Stand

Mitt Romney is getting desperate. Sure, national polling is close, with only a slight edge for Obama becoming apparent in recent days.  However, the electoral college – that archaic remnant of the early days of our Union – not so much.  Romney looks to have a depressing Tuesday night ahead of him.  At least, if […]

November 5th

Hurricane Sandy and climate change compel NYC Mayor Bloomberg to endorse Obama

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg (formerly Republican, now Independent) has been holding aloof on endorsing either candidate for president. But after Hurricane Sandy’s climate-change-fueled might slammed into his city this week, Bloomberg has decided that the issues of climate change and global warming are too important. And he has announced his endorsement of President Obama for […]

November 1st

Live fact-checking the Foreign Policy Debate!

Tonight’s the night… the final debate, with Barack Obama and Mitt Romney neck and neck in the polls. Whose pants will catch on fire live on national television? Last week it was Mitt Romney, who was called out by moderator Candy Crowley for a blatant falsehood about Barack Obama’s declarations about Libya. (And the GOP […]

October 22nd

Romney’s Final Debate

There are less than 3 weeks to go before election day. The final debate is tonight. The audience, is huge. The first debate turned what looked like a Barack Obama steamroller into an uncomfortable (for those of us cheering on the steamroller) horse race, with Romney polling higher than Obama nationally for most of the […]

October 22nd