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How many 911s on Obama’s watch? None!

By Congressman Alan Grayson In all of the speeches that I heard in Charlotte last week, I didn’t hear anyone praise President Obama for what might be his greatest accomplishment – getting us through almost four years, without some terrible national tragedy. Consider some of the things that happened during the previous Administration: (1)    The […]

September 11th

David Brin: The case for a scientific nation, part one

By David Brin While the Democrats held their gathering, I kept getting messages: “How did you know offshore banking havens, like the Caymans, would become a big issue?”,  referring to my 1989 novel EARTH, in which secret caches of stolen wealth became the world issue by the 2020s. Despite grim satisfaction from successful forecasting, I get no charge out of […]

September 9th

Do you despise Congress? (If not, you’re probably not paying attention.)

By David Brin Do you despise Congress? You’re not alone.  The current Congress’s 11% approval rating is the lowest since polling began. Yet, because of gerrymandering and the resulting hyper-partisanship, people tend to support their own particular Representative, and to heap the blame on the other party. Is everything just a subjective matter of partisan opinion? Are there  explicit […]

January 16th