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James Hanson: Climate Models vs. Real World

Climate models are most useful when used so as to help us understand climate mechanisms in the real world, and thus improve our ability to understand ongoing and future climate change. Comparison of climate model predictions against real world outcome provides one way to gain improved understanding. By Dr. James Hansen There is recent discussion […]

February 14th

Tesla cuts MILLIONS of tons of CO2 pollution (threatening a $trillion industry)

Tesla indicates there has been no “unintended acceleration” in its vehicles (aside from unintended acceleration caused by the drivers accidentally stepping on the accelerator pedal, which happens occasionally in all vehicles). However, something else destructive might have been intended by unintended acceleration claims, and not by Tesla. I want to zoom out right quick and paint a […]

January 23rd

Confirmed: As we set hottest year records, climate change deniers can’t stop lying

Last week, NASA published a pair of studies concerning the validity and reliability of global temperature observations. The announcement garnered little attention, which makes sense. The data in the studies weren’t exactly new findings, but rather confirmation of widely-accepted science: the global temperature network is accurate, lines up well with the satellite record, and reassures us that […]

Developed countries have been trying to slash CO2 emissions. It’s working.

The efforts of developing economies to cut carbon dioxide emissions and tackle climate change are beginning to pay off, according to new research led by the Tyndall Centre at the University of East Anglia, with policies supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency development helping to reduce emissions in 18 developed economies. By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica […]

March 8th

How much CO2 do volcanoes add? And does that affect climate change?

A post from the denier aggregation site climatechangedispatch about volcanoes, written by former petroleum geologist James Kamis, erupted last week. He was a relatively new name for us, so to quickly catch up on where he’s coming from, Kamis says on his blog that he believes that tectonic plate activity, and the release of heat from the Earth’s crust, […]

November 13th

Analysis: Why the IPCC 1.5C report expanded the carbon budget

Greenhouse gas emissions from human activity have already raised global temperatures by around 1C since pre-industrial times. This leaves a rapidly shrinking “carbon budget” to stay within the aspirational 1.5C of the Paris Agreement on climate change. By Zeke Hausfather Carbon Brief This budget is a simplified way to measure the additional emissions that can […]

October 17th

James Hansen: The pace of global warming is accelerating (and that’s even more bad news)

Climate models indicate that at least a weak El Nino will begin this (Northern Hemisphere) winter; observations show that warming in the tropical Pacific has begun. This implies that the current La Nina minimum global temperature has bottomed out and the 12-month running mean global temperature will begin to rise during the next few months. Global temperature minima […]

October 16th

Is Trump getting smarter on greenhouse gases? (Short answer: NO)

Last November, the Trump administration made a subtle but surprising announcement in that it supported the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, a global agreement to reduce certain types of greenhouse gases. At the Montreal Protocol’s 30th Anniversary meeting, nations of the world came together to discuss how to continue reducing chlorofluorocarbons, or CFC emissions, which have largely […]

February 6th