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For climate deniers, facts don’t matter. “It’s what plants crave!”

At the recent Heartland energy conference, deniers reiterated their plan to find a farmer to flip the script on climate lawsuits, attacking the Endangerment finding by arguing reduced emissions would be bad for agriculture because CO2 is good for crops. Deniers insist this idea is based on the science of CO2 fertilization. But science has long shown the effect of […]

November 30th

Deforestation pumps as much CO2 into the atmosphere as EVERY car on earth.

New analysis from The Nature Conservancy, WRI and others estimates that stopping deforestation, restoring forests and improving forestry practices could cost-effectively remove 7 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, or as much as eliminating 1.5 billion cars—more than all of the cars in the world today! By Susan Minnemeyer, Nancy Harris and Octavia Payne World Resources Institute In […]

November 28th

Climate deniers’ new dodge: “All energy matters” + “Very fine scientists on both sides”

All year we’ve been watching as Trump nominees squirm to answer direct congressional questioning about climate change. For the most part, they’ve avoided embracing Trump’s idea that it’s all a Chinese hoax. Gone, too, is the old axiom of “I’m not a scientist, but…” Instead, they give more seemingly nuanced but similarly silly answers. The most […]

November 3rd

Could CO2 balance the budget?

The quickest and smartest way to balance the budget is not to destroy America in order to save it. Instead, we could be using smart fiscal policy to increase revenue and steer the economy away from wasteful fossil fuels and toward smart, clean, renewables.

May 26th

EPA In Dallas Hears Citizens Say Hell Yes, Mess With Texas

“EPA, you come on in and mess with Texas. We need your help,” said Allison Silva with the No Coal Coalition in Dallas Friday. And Dallas County Treasurer Joe Well told the EPA, “The federal government has to do it because the state government has failed.” “It” is the Environmental Protection Agencies policy of working with […]

January 15th

Flawed Coal and CO2 Prediction Creates Bitchy Scientist

CO2 emission estimates based on coal and fossil fuel production are pessimistic at best, says new research out of the University of Texas at Austin. A new study by Tad Patzek, chair of the Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Department at The University of Texas at Austin, has shown that CO2 emission estimates used for government […]

July 26th

Senate Fights For EPA’s CO2 Regulation Power

In the midst of a week when climate change finally stole back some of the spotlight that had been hogged by health care reform for months, the Senate fought off a potentially devastating attempt to emasculate the EPA and its recently won power to regulate greenhouse gases.

September 26th